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A degree in computer science prepares individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and develop systems of information.  Degrees in computer science provides students with a cross section of academic courses including various sciences and mathematics to efficiently automate algorithmic processes at scale.

Computer science is a relatively new field of study, but has grown complex as the pace of technology has increased over the last few decades.  Students will be exposed topics such as learning:

  • How computer systems work
  • Study effective software development techniques
  • Utilize numerical methods to solve problems with a computer
  • Apply technology to an array of problems
  • Understanding the development and structure of operating systems
  • Use mathematical systems to develop electronic circuits
  • Study techniques and tools of software design, development, tests, and maintenance
  • Perform abstract studies of computers and their capabilities
  • Learn to manipulate programming languages and code across various computer systems & devices
  • Study various methods of storing and retrieving big data via computers
  • How to implement system solutions in theory and practice

Degrees in computer science are available from the associate level to the doctoral, with lower level degrees typically involving practical applications and higher level degrees more committed to research and development.

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Source: BLS, US Census, and IPEDS

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