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Environmental Health Management is a field of study within the umbrella of public health emphasizing all aspects of the built and natural environment that react with human health.  In other words, environmental health management focuses on the health of humans as a result of living or environmental conditions.  Balancing the human need with nature brings tension which provides an opportunity for environmental health specialists to help provide solutions.  The discipline of environmental health analyzes the biophysical and social constructs of a situation to strike a balance.  It is important for well-rounded students to have exposure to a number of programs and conditions in an effort to see solutions through emotions and policy.

A broad swath of programs within environment health may include: public policy, plant biology, toxicology, environmental statistics, social science, life science, occupational health, earth science, environmental science, human science, physical science, political science, fire science, animal science, biomedical, neuroscience, forensic science, biomedical science, genomics, immunology, food science, mathematical science, nutritional science, biological science, and the associated pedagogy of each discipline.

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Source: BLS, US Census, and IPEDS

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