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Software engineering is a technical discipline responsible for the writing and programming of software for use on a given system. The type of software being developed will vary based on employer, and may be made specifically for internal use, for sale, or for public distribution as needed. Individuals seeking a career as a computer software engineer will require a strong understanding of math, computer languages, various platforms, coding principles and computer hardware.

The field of software engineering continues to be a rapidly growing, ever-evolving occupation with an exceptionally high earning potential for college graduates.  From the construction of computer applications to game design managers, a large number of technology we rely upon is supported by software engineers and software developers.  Software engineering teams and software development managers invest time to understand wants and needs of users across an industry or segment before designing, creating, building, testing, debugging, launching, and managing a software application.

Software engineers leverage the theories of mathematical models, software applications, and computer science to create new products or enhance existing products.  The need to upgrade, enhance, modify, debug, and create software is an ever-increasing demand around the world, thus making the degree programs for a software engineer such a respected college degree pathway.

Both software engineers and software developers typically start their journey writing code before advancing into management or executive positions.  The technical know-how coupled with business acumen often make for a vibrant career path in the field of software development and maintenance.  Regardless of job title in the software industry, it is vital to keep up with trends, advancements, and technology applications.  It is ever-more important for engineers to continue to hone collaboration and communication skills to effectively communication with one another, senior management, cross-departmental team members, peers, vendors, and customers.

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Source: BLS, US Census, and IPEDS

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